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Root fracture

Root fracture The greatest threat might be root fracture for the endodontically treated tooth.The prognosis of vertically fractured tooth is very bad and there are a lot of cases of the extraction. The possibility of the root fracture will possibly rise when it is used for largely loaded tooth such as abutment tooth of bridge, […]

Chronic Pain

Intractable Chronic pain Chronic odontogenic pain are mostly caused by introgenic injury or infection, and characterized by pain elimination with local anesthesia. Major causes of chronic pain The refractory pain are composed by complexity of causes described below. 1.Pain by continued stimulation 2.Abnormality of neural fiber related to pain transmission (neuropathic pain) The stump pain […]


Biofilms are the most common mode of bacterial growth in nature and are highly resistant to antibiotics (relevant in clinical infections). They are identified  in obstinacy case of apical periodontitis. Identification and localization of extraradicular biofilm-forming bacteria associated with refractory endodontic pathogens. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2005 Dec;71(12):8738-43 Related Articles * Participation of bacterial biofilms in refractory […]

Risks of Root-Canal-Treatment

About pain; caused by undeveloped technique, or wrong procedure Residual pulp inflammation Apical periodontitis About accident; with Root-Canal-Treatment instrument fracture in root canal perforation instrument aspiration root fracture at core removal or, root filling

Complicated root canal morphology

Complicated root canal morphology Root-canal branch like the tree, or sometimes root-canal curve that shape like “S”. The number of root-canal is different among teeth, and the shapes are also different. The shapes of  root canal are different between the same kind of teeth.