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One of the reasons of the difficulty is to operate root canal where is dark and narrow who can`t see with eye. Microscope make it possible to treat such a root canal in the magnified view. the advantage of microscope is 1.The oversight of the root canal decreases. 2.easy to discover fracture line. 3.easy to […]

Coronal leakage

Coronal leakage in dentistry means the bacillus goes into tooth through the space of incompatible prosthetic margin, or the space of shortage of bonding materials. Coronal leakage is widely acknowledged as a cause of the failure of the root canal treatment. The influence of the method of canal preparation on the quality of apical and […]

NiTi rotary instruments

The use of NiTi instruments produced sufficient cleanliness with acceptable preservation of the root canal anatomy. Both centring ability and decreased straightening of root canals is superior with NiTi instruments compared with the manual technique using stainless steel instruments. However, the usage of the instruments must be paid attention, because NiTi instruments is easier to […]

Rubber Dam

A dental dam (sometimes known as a “Kofferdam”–from German), is used mainly in endodontic treatment and when putting fillings into teeth. They are thin squares of latex rubber. Silicone versions are available for those with latex allergies. purpose of rubber dum 1.Antiseptic treatment 2.Specification of operative field 3.Prevention of aspiration of instrument 4.Protection of surrounding […]

Sterilized instruments

Necessity of antiseptic treatment Neither the decayed tooth nor the pulp disease occur in the germfree animal. It is needless to say that the purpose of the root canal treatment is to make the root canal an asepsis, and aseptic treatment is necessary for the root canal treatment. Prevention of secondary infection, or reinfection. 1.Use […]

Doctor skills

Doctor skills Endodontics is one of dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, Royal College of Dentists of Canada, and Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. endodontic treatment by specialists was significantly more successful. A comparison of survival of teeth following endodontic treatment performed by general dentists or by specialists Oral Surg Oral Med […]