Whether do you treat or not?

Whether do you treat or not?

1.  Root preservation or Tooth extraction

First of all, the tooth must be considered the need to be preserved  in your mouth.

For example, there is no-need  to preserve wisdom tooth which is not biting, or supernumerary tooth

Before treatment, you should be recommended to consult with your doctor.

Next, the tooth must be diagnosed whether the tooth can be preserved or not.

2. Conventional root canal treatment or Surgical root canal treatment.

When you decide to start treatment, you should consider  several treatment options.

a. Conventional root canal treatment.

b. Conventional root canal and, if the result is not good, Surgical root canal treatment is next to be done.

c. Surgical root canal treatment


Usually, Conventional root canal treatment is first to be considered before surgical treatment. But in some cases ,  when the tooth is set non-removable core, or fractured instrument,  when fang cyst is suspected , Surgical root canal treatment might be first choice.

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