Cause of apical periotdontitis

What is apical periodontitis ?

also known as  periradicular periodontitis. It is a dental disease that involves inflammation around the apical part of the root of a tooth, which is the hole in the tip of the root. Causes of apical periodontitis are bacillus stimulation through root canal or, physical irritation that pierce out from apical foramen. Chronic apical periodontitis is generally a non—painful condition, but, some times get worse and painful.  Apical periodontitis can be confirmed as black shade by X-ray films  indicating pus or abscess, that sometimes drain through the gum.

Cause of apical periotdontitis

microbial irritants:

extention of pulpal disease
mechanical irritants:

occlusal trauma

overextention of endodontic instruments

chemical irritants:

sterilzers/decensitaizers/intracanal medcation/intracanal medcation/chemical mediators of inflamation

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